Hello. In my new article, I will explain the Covid-19 process.

The Covid-19 virus, which said hello to the world in November 2019, has negatively affected everyone. It’s hard for us all to get used to the new world order. It’s very sad for humanity to wear a mask and be in instant supervision.

The old ones were very impressed at first. Vaccine studies had started for the virus that affected the world. Vaccine studies responded negatively for the first semester. At that time, education and the economy were down.

Students attending schools in countries had to return home. This rule has applied all over the world. Minor restrictions and deterrent penalties were later raised.

Vaccination efforts were in full speed. Then we entered 2020. We’ve had a rough year expected. By the time we got into March, there was still no vaccine. There was fear in us. The number of deaths was growing.

Young or old could infect anyone without noticing. That was the worst part. A newborn baby in Turkey had covid-19. The little baby then snored the virus thanks to the immune boosters she received into her body.

In the summer, the number of cases of the virus was quite low due to the effects of the temperature. In the hot weather, the spread of the virus was decreasing. We were nervous about the coming winter because there were still no vaccines available. It’s January, and before the beginning of the year, Dr. Ugur Sahin, a German citizen of Turkish descent, and his precious wife, Dr. Ozlem Türeci, announced that they had finally found the vaccine.

China, on the other hand, was sending orders to countries that had already started producing vaccines. Turkey had ordered its vaccines from China and brought them to its country. It’s January 20th, and health workers are getting vaccinated. It’s our elderly turn.

I hope that education and training will continue as soon as possible. Humanity lives by education. The economy of educated society is also good, the field of health is good, and people are happy.

Stay home! Healthy days.

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